Prof. José Adrián Martínez-González

Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí

Office: TC-305

Address: Av. Parque Chapultepec 1570, San Luis Potosí,  78295, S.L.P., México.


Tel. +52 (444) 8262300 Ext. 5680


Most of my research have been dedicated to the theoretical and numerical study of liquid crystals under different kind of constraints. Probably, the first idea that comes to our minds when thinking about liquid crystals is related to their use for displays like LCD screens. Some of the remarkable contributions of my work address the use of these materials for applications beyond electro-optical devices; such that, the design of soft-crystals for photonics; the early detection of amyloid fibers, to produce stimuli responsive materials capable to detect mM concentrations of dopants, as a mechanism to control the shape of synthetic cell membranes and to direct the self-assembly of colloidal particles. In the last years, I have worked continuously with experimentalists either for the understanding of experimental results or for the confirmation of our theoretical predictions.

My research interests include, but are not limited to, molecular modeling of soft mater such as liquid crystals, active matter and polymers. 

Academic Background


BPII-BPI transformation (X. Li, J. A. Martinez-Gonzalez et al. PNAS, 114, 10011-10016 (2017).)