Ever since their inception in the early 60's of the 20th century, Computer Algebra Systems (CASs) have proven to be a valuable tool in mathematical research, mainly as assistants for checking complicated computations or as means to empirically prove conjectures in particular cases, among other uses. Recently, there has been some interest in applying CASs in the classroom.
Also, there has been an explosion of Dynamic Geometry Software (DGS) such as GeoGebra, Cinderella or Geometer Sketchpad. Somewhat oppositely, those have been used almost exclusively for teaching (there are very few reports on their use for research purposes), and mainly in the context of elementary Euclidean geometry.
Finally, there is the text formatting system TeX, which has changed the way mathematics and physics are written nowadays. The many possibilities that a mathematically-oriented typesetting system offers for the presentation of research results and teaching materials is a field where a lot of work remains to be done.
Although each of these sytems has experienced an extensive development, the organizers think that they can be potentiated through their joint use, a topic which is in a much more primitive stage. More broadly, the purpose of this session is to provide a friendly environment for discussing the blending of these three instances of mathematical software (CASs, DGS and text formatting systems) in applications, both in research and education. We would like to stress the word 'blending'; thus, although we can exceptionally accept separate uses of CASs or DGS we prefer reports on their joint use. Also, we do not expect applications only in elementary geometry or basic physics. On the contrary, advanced topics such as complex physical systems, visualization of properties of systems defined by partial differential equations, celestial mechanics, simulation of fluid flows, implementation of finite element methods, computer-aided geometric design, accurate generation of graphical output for geometric magnitudes, interfacing symbolic and graphical systems, and the like, are welcome.

Template for abstracts available here

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