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At the classroom
Currently I am a Researcher Professor at the Science Faculty, a unit of the Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí. Previously, I was a Lecturer Professor and Researcher at the Department of Applied Mathematics IV of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Spain).

My areas of research are Differential Geometry and Mathematical Physics, mainly the theory and applications of supermanifold theory (including calculus of variations, harmonic superfunctions, super-Poisson geometry...), and the algebraic techniques for studying physical systems (Lie algebroids, Jacobi and Poisson manifolds, Gerstenhaber algebras and generating operators, BV formalism and the interplay between them.)

Also, I am very interested in the use of free software in mathematical research and teaching. Particularly, I strongly recommend Maxima (with its interface wxMaxima) and Geogebra.

I studied Theoretical Physics (1989-1995) and Mathematics (1993-1998) at the Universitat de València (Spain), where I earned a Ph. D. in Geometry and Topology in May, 2003. The Research section contains a list of published works and preprints. A curriculum vitae can be found here.

that's me again

Some places I have visited are the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC, Spain) and the Centro de Investigación en Matemáticas (CIMAT, México). Visit the Links section to find more about these and other people whose work (I admire a lot and) is related to mine. Also, there are some scientific resources I have found useful and pages related to GNU/Linux: by far the best operating system available.

These pages should be correctly viewed with any web browser, including those based on text (such as lynx, see a screenshot here). Also, I have done a certain effort to be compliant with the Web Accessibility Initiative (W3C-WAI.) The best way to test the accesibility of these pages, however, is through feedback from visitors: if you experience problems while viewing them, please drop me a couple of lines telling me which browser do you use and what problems have you encountered (if you see strange symbols in these pages, please note that the encoding is UTF-8. In Firefox, you can change the encoding by clicking in the "View" menu of the main toolbar and then setting "Character encoding" to UTF-8. Also, note that some MS Windows fonts do not have a complete set of characters, and MS Iexplorer is not capable of showing all of them, for example upper indices or the nice telephone that you should see below in a Linux environment.)

Just in case you find it beautiful, the design of these pages is based on a work of Diana Fong (unpublished, I found it in a Fedora's wiki where it appeared as a proof of concept. Anyway, I thought that with a couple of tweaks it would suit my needs).

Please, note that the views expressed by me in this one or any other web page are strictly personal, and do not reflect in any way those of the Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí.

Postal address:
José Antonio Vallejo Rodríguez
Departamento de Matemáticas
Facultad de Ciencias UASLP
Av. Salvador Nava s/n
78290 San Luis Potosí (SLP) MEXICO
e-mail: jvallejo (at) fciencias.uaslp.mx
☎ +52 444 826 24 86 ext. 2926

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