Jose A Vallejo

Welcome to my web site

I am interested in the interplay between Mathematics and Physics, particularly the theory of Hamiltonian systems, and Quantum Physics. Other interests are symbolic computing (Maxima is my favorite CAS), programming, and its implementation in teaching activities.You can download my vcard here (if you are using an iPhone, some hyperlinks may not work from Safari pdf preview due to a Universal Links issue. In that case, please download the vcard an open it with a pdf viewer).


For most papers, you can download a pdf. But notice that these files might be preprint versions slightly different from the definitive published ones! Those items marked with a ○ symbol are written in collaboration with a student.

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I have developed several Maxima packages for dealing with such diverse topics as elementary cryptography, Hamiltonian systems, p-adic arithmetic or Fourier analysis. I hope you find them useful, but the software is offered 'as is', with no warranty or support.

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I have written some notes for several courses and seminars given at the UASLP and other places. Most of these are in Spanish, and many of them make use of Maxima for computations. I am a strong supporter of the use of ICT in the classroom.

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